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  • National Geographic
  • Ameraucana Breeders Club
  • The ABC Forum
  • American Bantam Association

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  • University of Arkansas-Poultry Science Dept
  • Auburn University -College of Agriculture
  • University of California at Davis information on poultry production.
  • University of California at Davis information on undergraduate and graduate programs, Department of Avian Sciences.
  • Georgia Tech Agricultural Reseach
  • University Of Georgia Poultry And Science
  • University Of Kentucky
  • University of Maryland -Animal and Avian Science Dept
  • Michigan State University -US Poultry Genome Project
  • University of Minnesota Poultry U
  • Mississippi State University Dept of Poultry Science
  • NC State University of Poultry Science
  • University of New England Poultry Reseach
  • Oklahoma State -Dept of Animals
  • Oregon State University - Poultry
  • Penn State -Dept of Poultry
  • Purdue University- Avian Science
  • University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture
  • Texas A&M Poultry Science Department
  • Virgina Tech Cooperative Extension

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