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Pick Your Breed chicks.

 Please Read  before proceeding......

Do you want to try  a couple of different breeds?  Here is your chance to try a little bit of everything we hatch.  Pick from our Rare breeds or Standard breeds.   As hatched, Pullets or CockerelsYour total order must be a MINIMUM OF 10.  There will be a $5.00 Boxing fee added at checkout.

You have the opportunity to select a hatch date  but your order must total at least 10 chicks

We will not split shipments of order!  Everything will be shipped at the same time.

Below is a Complete List of Breeds to help you with your selections.

Standard Breeds
 White Rock WR Comets GC
 New Hampshire  NH       White Leghorn WL
 Rhode Island Reds RIR  Brown Leghorn BL
 Production Reds PRED  Black Australorps BA
 Black Sex Links BSL  Cornish Rock cross CR

 Barred Rock BR  Red cross sex link RC
Columbia Rock Cross COLX
Rare Breeds
 Araucanas  ARA Buff Orpingtons BO  Speckled Sussex SS
 Golden Laced Wyandottes GLW   Partridge Rocks PR  Black Giants BG
 Silver Laced Wyandottes SLW  Light Brahmas LB  Dark Brahmas DB
 Buff Brahmas BB
Pullets/Females As Hatched-Males & Females Mix Cockerels/Males
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