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Day Old Golden Comet Chickens As Hatched
Day Old Golden Comet Chickens As Hatched
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Please note -As Hatched are males & females if looking for sexed chicks click below:

Pullets (Female)

Cockerels (Males)

As Hatched (Males & Females)

The Golden Comets As hatched- are easily one of the finest brown egg layers available today. They mature early and lay eggs of excellent size and quality. Pullets are extremely quiet birds, that seems to be able to withstand the colder, non-insulated, laying houses of the small flock owner , better than most breeds. The Golden Comet is a buff sex-link strain. When mature, the pullets are golden red in color, but has some white showing through in her neck and back. Cockerels are white with a reddish tinge and make a 3 � 4 lbs fryers in 11-12 weeks.
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