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Day Old Pick your breeds chicks  as hatched ( Females and Males)
Day Old Pick your breeds chicks  as hatched ( Females and Males)
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Please note -As Hatched are males & females if looking for sexed chicks click below:

Pullets (Female),

Cockerels (Males)

As Hatched (Males & Females)

Here is a chance for you to pick what as hatched chicks (NOT SEXED MALE & FEMALE MIXTURE) you would like. Remember total order must be a mimimum of 10 total chicks.

We will not split shipments! Everything will be shipped at the same time.

Below is a Complete List of Breeds to help you with your selections.

Standard Breeds
White Rock WR SOLD OUT -- Comets GC
New Hampshire NH SOLD OUT ---- Production reds PRED SOLD OUT
Rhode Island Reds RIR ---- Brown Leghorn BL SOLD OUT  
Barred Rock BR ---- Black Australorps BA
Black Sex Links BSL SOLD OUT---- Cornish Rock cross CR
White Leghorn WL SOLD OUT----Columbia Rock Cross colx SOLD OUT
Red Cross Sex links RC SOLD OUT

Rare Breeds
Araucanas ARA ---- Buff Orpingtons BO
Partridge Rocks PR SOLD OUT ---- Black Giants BG
Silver Laced Wyandottes SLW ---- Speckled Sussex SS  SOLD OUT
Buff Brahmas BB SOLD OUT---- Dark Brahmas DB SOLD OUT  
Light Brahmas LB  ----- Golden Laced Wyandottes GLW
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